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We have been helping people protect what's important to them for over 30 years. Our experienced team of authorised financial advisers tailor products and services to your insurance needs. Get in touch to discuss your insurance solutions for a better and secure tomorrow today.

Financial Solutions to Ensure a Better Future

After more than 30 years in the insurance industry, we offer clients no-nonsense, easy to understand advice. We have established lasting relationships with our clients and have their best interests at heart. We strive to ensure that our clients get the best products, the best services and ultimately the best advice.

Ladbrooks Financial Services Limited (FSP705391) holds a Full Licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice. Our advisers are authorised by that licence to provide financial advice. Read our disclosure statement.


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We take pride in not just our solutions but also our customer service. We are focused on providing an honest and transparent service that keeps you at the forefront of every decision.

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No question is too big or too small. We always have time for you.

Extensive Experience

With experience comes a wealth of knowledge and in-depth understanding of regulations and procedures. Our team of Financial Advisers have experience dealing with all insurance problems, small or complex, so you can be sure our comprehensive approach will achieve the best results for you.

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Our Products

Here are some of the products we offer.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance helps secure your family’s future if you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Unexpected events can have a serious impact beyond the grief - everybody wants to make sure their families and loved ones are taken care of financially at the worst possible time.

Trauma Insurance

If you or a loved one are affected by a serious illness or injury, having Trauma Cover can get you a lump sum payout so you can focus on recovery. Contact us to learn more and see if your children can be covered for free.

Income Protection

47% of Kiwis between 18 and 64 can’t survive more than a month without their income - let alone pay their mortgage. Your job is secure - until it isn’t. During the Covid pandemic, more than 11,000 Kiwis lost their jobs. Income Protection takes some of the stress away after unexpected events whether a redundancy, illness or injury, with various options to suit your needs and budget. These can include a policy which pays an agreed amount or a percentage of your earnings.


Are you prepared for your retirement? KiwiSaver Scheme is an easy and affordable way to save and invest for your retirement years. It is a voluntary based savings scheme set up by the NZ Government to help New Zealanders save for their retirement.

Total and Permanent Disablement

Serious illness and accidents do happen - and they can leave you permanently unable to work. Total and Permanent Disablement Cover can provide a lump sum payment which can help you and your family adjust to this big change in lifestyle.

Health Insurance

The public health system is fine for dealing with emergency medical care, but there are often delays and a lack of choice when it comes to picking your preferred specialist. Getting health insurance can give you access to far superior private health providers, surgeries, tests and treatments at your convenience.

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